What I like to write about
Motor sport
This is the big one. Over ten years covering racing series from karting up to Formula 1. I've reported from around the globe on touring cars, sports cars and single seaters. As well as your standard race reports and news, I love penning a good interview or investigation.
Issues close to my heart: motor sport and the environment; women and racing.

Pregnancy and parenting

If you're looking for someone at the parenting coal face, I'm your (knackered) woman.
Issues close to my heart:
psychological wellbeing of new mums; breastfeeding.

Well, not just chocolate but crisps, pop and the lottery too. Blame my days as an FMCG correspondent at Retail Newsagent (if it hasn't yet been the guest publication on 'Have I Got News for You' then it darn well should be). I know why 'eye level is buy level', that all good retailers should put Cadbury's Creme Eggs on the shelves on 2 January and that heaven on earth is a chocolate breakfast at The Ritz.
Issues close to my heart:
when I can place my next order for a box of Seabrooks; will the coconut Boost ever be relaunched?