A Lakeland Lass and child of the 80s, I began writing for t'local paper at 15. The gig reviews turned into interviews of rock stars for the Uni rag when I moved to London to study at City University's legendary Journalism department. Upon graduating with a first class honours I took the job many a girl has dreamed of: chocolate reporter. After too many boxes of free Ferrero Rocher, I moved to the less calorific world of motor racing and the International Journal of Sprockets and Gizmos (aka IPC's Racecar Engineering).

From there it was a short sprint across the paddock to Haymarket's Racing Line and Autosport. A brief spell at Red Bulletin sent me freelance and into the arms of Guardian.co.uk where I wrote a weekly motorsport column. As an independent writer I've contributed to several nationals and subbed at The Guardian, The Observer and Autosport to make sure I could still pay the mortgage. Thanks to my
two wee nippers I have expanded my repertoire to include pregnancy and parenting issues. Phew!